Partnership Eases Student Access to Behavioral Health Services

Barbour Community Health Association benefits from its new partnership with the WVU School of Medicine Telepsychiatry Program. Through collaboration with the Brandon Wellness Center at Phillip Barbour High School, students will now have the opportunity to receive telepsychiatry health services.

This partnership allows WVU’s Telepsychiatry Program to implement its new initiative called the West Virginia Children’s Access Network at the Brandon Wellness Center where psychiatric and pediatric specialists can connect with students via teleconference. By allowing this vital interaction, medical professionals can screen, consult and treat patients efficiently and successfully at the Brandon Wellness Center, bridging the gap between rural settings and specialized health care services.

Secure and independent, the West Virginia Children’s Access Network ensures timely care for students in Barbour County, where access to specialized health care is limited. The program’s other focuses include early detection of students at high risk for obesity, diabetes, asthma and oral health problems. Educational and administrative video-conferencing services are also provided.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the Brandon Wellness Center at 304-457-4000.