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Our Favorite Spots to Enjoy Barbour County in the Summer

Summers in Barbour County, West Virginia are a much-anticipated treat for both locals and tourists. From swimming to hiking and the adventures in-between, Barbour County holds some of the best recreation spots in the Mountain State and brings in tourists from all over to explore the county’s waters and natural bends.

We have put together a list of the top spots and activities that are a must see each summer in Barbour County.

Adventure Through Audra State Park
Located in southwestern Barbour County, Audra State Park is a solid summer spot for all your adventure needs. Swim in the Middle Fork River or take a walk through one of the many trails in the heavily wooded forest that encompasses the park. On your hike, you’ll find several photo opportunities as the park is etched with scenic outlooks and a rock overhang of the Alum Cave. Camping and picnic areas are available.

Hit the County Waters
Barbour County offers several waterways for your enjoyment during the summer months, including the clear Middle Fork River and the long-traveling Tygart River, which flows through Marion, Barbour, Randolph, Taylor and Pocahontas Counties. These waters offer some of the best swimming holes and dock areas for kayaking and rafting. Take the kayak on the Barbour County waters and you could find your way floating through downtown Philippi underneath the famous Covered Bridge.

Visit Moats Falls
Located in Moatsville, Moats Falls is tucked away close to Hell’s Gate and Devil’s Den rock formations near Arden. The falls are part of the larger Big Cove Run of the Tygart Valley River and offer a Class III white-water flow, complete with a 10-foot drop, providing an adrenaline-charged river-run for kayaking enthusiasts. Visitors will find a natural rock bridge that will allow them to get several scenic views of the mighty Tygart Valley River. In the nearby calmer waters, anglers can drop or cast their lines in for some trout, walleye, or catfish. At Moats Falls, you will find the area is suitable for any recreational activity, including hiking, birding, walking, running, fishing and more.

Visit Teter Creek Lake
Bring the boat and enjoy a day of fishing on Teter Creek Lake. Camping is also available if you want to make a weekend out of it! You’ll find plenty to do on the 137 acres of land Teter Creek has to offer!

Take Advantage of the City Trails

Philippi’s City Bike Trail network is an easy walk for the whole family to get the body moving and t  o enjoy the scenic views of the county. Walk along the Tygart River and catch a kayaker passing by or see a fisherman jump for joy as he catches a trout.

Have a Picnic at the Belington City Park
The Belington City Park is an ideal spot for a family picnic or get-together as the park’s gazebo is a beautiful backdrop for family photos. Surrounded by trees and plenty of space, this park is open for family games, the little ones to play, or to wind down after a long day.

Barbour County is well-known for its historic background, but the county also brings in folks from all over for its breathtaking scenic lands and pristine waters. Consider exploring one or two (or all) of these gems this summer.