Barbour Community Health Association Receives AIMS Grant

A $175,000 grant was awarded to the Barbour Community Health Association’s (BCHA) Behavioral Health program recently to aid in the development and expansion of mental health services. Funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), BCHA was one of 1,178 health centers and 13 rural health organizations in the United States to receive monetary support to increase access to behavioral health services with a strong focus on substance abuse. These grants go directly to local organizations, which are best situated to address mental health issues in their own communities.

Other areas of emphasis include the treatment, prevention and awareness of opioid abuse, leveraging health information technology and providing training in the primary care setting. In addition to expanding the BCHA Behavioral Health program, the grant enables the hire of additional staff including Robert W. Kiser, a Licensed Professional Counselor from Buckhannon, to support the increase in services.

Kiser’s education and professional experience are rooted in clinical counseling and music therapy. The implementation of the AIMS grant will allow for early intervention and the ability to work with children and young adults before trauma or adverse experiences can have a lasting negative effect. Kiser states, “With early intervention, these young individuals will be able to go on to lead happy and productive lives.”

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